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Each year the Midland/Penetanguishene community and Georgian Bay General Hospital host two University of Toronto Rural Residents for their final year of family medicine training. As resident physicians, they are an extra set of hands in the medical clinic or the hospital, and are a valuable asset to our medical community, even though they are still learning. The University of Toronto Rural Family Medicine Residency program has been a very successful pipeline for physician recruitment. Please make our newest medical residents Joseph Gabriel and Marissa Tsoi feel welcome.

I’m originally from Cobourg, Ontario, a small town about the size of Midland. I went to Queen’s University for my undergrad and medical school, and in between I did a Master’s degree studying obstructive sleep apnea at the University of Toronto.

While at Queen’s, I was assigned to do my family medicine rotation in Midland in 2014 and loved it. Before coming to Midland, I had no idea I wanted to do family medicine and thought I would go into Anesthesia.

When I got to see all the great things family medicine-trained doctors do in Midland – deliver babies, assist in surgery, run the Emergency Department and so much more, it dawned on me that this is what I wanted to do. This, of course, was further strengthened by being around a really great inter-professional health-care team at GBGH, composed of so many people who were professional, effective and overall just really nice people to work with.

Joseph Gabriel

I applied to the Rural Family Medicine Residency Program at U of T, which would allow me to train at GBGH and in the community, and here I am!

I’m looking forward to getting to know as many people as I can and to serving the people of Midland/Penetanguishene and the surrounding area.

Marissa Tsoi

I grew up in Unionville and spent all of my summers outdoors. My favourite activities were fishing, camping, golf, and canoeing with the family. We often drove all over Simcoe County, so it is near and dear to me.

I went to medical school at the University of Alberta for four lovely years,where I got intereste in rural family medicine as I loved the generalist nature of it, and the longitudinal care I could provide.

When it came time to choose a residency, I really liked the layout of U of T’s rural family medicine program, where I could spend 1st year at North York General Hospital (where I was born) then the second year in Midland – the perfect size of community for the practice I envision having in my career.

This year I have served as a board member on a national working group for Rural and Distributed Medical Education as part of Resident Doctors of Canada,and I also represent the University of Toronto at the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada.

As for personal interests, I cannot wait to cycle, curl, and cross country ski in the area. Local tips are welcome! I am excited to meet all my colleagues, friends,and neighbours in the community and thank you so much for welcoming us residents!

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