OUR DOCS TEACH Recruitment Strategy

OUR DOCS TEACH Recruitment Strategy

We have now re-branded our recruitment efforts to OUR DOCS TEACH. You will see these words in social media with the twitter hashtag #ourdocsteach, and you will see it on many of our promotional items we use to market our community to physician candidates. Thanks to a major contribution by the Rotary Club of Midland, we launched the “Rotary Recruitment Through Education” effort five years ago.  With this support we have partnered with the Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP), the University of Toronto and Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) to bring learners to our community.

Each July, two rural family medicine residents from the University of Toronto spend their final year of training in Midland/Penetanguishene.  This family medicine rotation has proven extremely successful as we’ve retained an overwhelming number of these trainees.

All of these learning opportunities have positioned the Midland/Penetanguishene area to become one of the premier rural academic training sites in the province.  Interactions with medical students and residents take time, patience, and a skill to impart knowledge in a positive manner.  Our physicians, whether they are family doctors in clinics or specialists, have embraced this focused strategy, and it’s paying dividends.

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