Our Docs Teach – Physician Appreciation Week

Our Docs Teach! Physician Appreciation Week

Dr. Emily Queenan is proof that the so-called “brain drain” of talent can flow north,much like the Niagara River.

Queenan was born in Philadelphia and received her medical training at the University of Pennsylvania, which is also located in the City of Brotherly Love.

After graduation, she found herself practicing in Rochester, N.Y. for 11 years. But, something was not right.

“I was burnt-out fighting with insurance companies and particularly the injustice of the American health care system,” she said. “I wanted to give it a try in a country that valued health care as a human right rather than a commodity to be bought and sold.”

So Queenan and her husband Rick looked north,particularly focusing on Ontario because of its closeness to western NewYork and its relatively quick access to their families.Then she was drawn to the Southern Georgian Bay area.

“Life on the water was a huge draw,” she said.“Because of the quality of life that we saw and other physicians having here, it seemed like a good place to settle down.”

Queenan practices family medicine at The Village Clinic at Georgian Village in Penetanguishene, and is also absorbing the patients of Dr. Rob Stubbins as he eases into retirement.

“I’ve always practiced in an urban area,so learning what it’s like to practice in a rural community, with different resources, has been interesting,” she said. “My roles and responsibilities are different than they were in Rochester.”

Queenan said she has come across struggles since moving north, particularly in regard to accessing mental health care and some specialists. And, she is concerned about any potential changes at Georgian Bay General Hospital. But overall the experience has been a positive one, according to Queenan.

“My physician colleagues have been wonderful,”she said.“And the Family Health Team is a wonderful resource that is unique to my experience.”

Queenan is the mother of three boys, Riley,Aidyn and Rowen.

She says her sons have adapted well to the change in their life and are thriving at Burkevale Protestant Separate School in Penetanguishene.

Queenan’s husband Rick is a trained illustrator, hopes to find some work in his area but is currently a stay-at-home dad, and is sifting through the red tape associated with immigration status.

“I’m too early in my practice here to guess how everything will turn out,”she said.“But I’m certainly in love with the area and I anticipate building a fulfilling career here.”

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Dr. Emily Queenan

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