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Although some physicians come to North Simcoe as strangers to the area,Ashley McCann was well acquainted with our sights and sounds when she decided to set up her practice here.

Her husband Tim Latour is a Midland native, so she had been up here many times. “His family’s here which is great,” she said.“ Plus I grew up on the water so it’s nice to be near thE bay.”

McCann grew up in Kingston, receiving her medical degree from the University of Western Ontario before completing her family medicine residency in Belleville. She then practiced medicine for three years in Whitby.

“We liked Whitby because it was halfway between Kingston and Midland so we could see our families,” she said.“But now it’s less commuting because we live near one family.”

McCann assumed the practice of Dr. Rick Coutts at the Huronia Medical Centre as of June 1, although she spent two weeks working with Dr. Coutts and his colleagues in January to see what the practice was like.

Big City to Small Town DR.ASHLEY McCANN By Ian Burns

Big City to Small Town
By Ian Burns

McCann said there’s a different way of practicing medicine in a small town rather than in a city like Whitby.

“In the city you basically work in a clinic and don’t have as much variety as you do in a small town,” she said.“I get to work in the hospital, which wouldn’t occur in a big city.”

McCann is so new to her practice it’s hard for her to comment on how it’s worked so far.“It’ll take time – it takes six to eight months until you’ve established a relationship with everybody,” she said.“I’m in a transitional time now, but eventually I’ll build that more personal connection.”

Although McCann and Latour married in February, they only just returned from their honeymoon.

“We wanted to set it up so it would be between me finishing in Whitby and starting in Midland,” she said.

And McCann’s looking forward to building relationships with her patients.

“Up here you get to make that personal connection more,” she said.“In a big city you don’t get to see your patients on the street.”

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